Day One In The Studio

With much preparation, UPG’s first offical artist, Dane, began recording his first project on Sunday at Launch Pad Studio. There was no sure way of knowing how everything would run, but with the strong vibe already established outside the studio between producer and artist there were no uneasy feelings. This was Dane’s first recording in a professional studio, and after cutting the first track, it was clear that Launchpad would be his primary choice.

Producer and engineer, Aime “A Squared” Brunn, showed an interest in Dane’s rhyme technique and showed optimism about working with the young artist. A’s approach to new and innovated ideas is just one of the reasons why his skills are far from unnoticed. It is obvious in not only his personality, but also his production. Since established in November 2010, Launch Pad Studio has built a concrete foundation and proved it’s here to stay,

We are ecstatic to continue working with Launch Pad Studio and watch the birth of great music. It is always a comforting feeling to find others with the same vision and work ethic as you; and we didn’t need to travel very far to find it. With A’s expertise, anyone that walks into Launch Pad won’t be disappointed. For furthur information on Austin’s growing studio, visit there Facebook page or call (512) 200-HITS for further inquiries.!/launchpadstudio?fref=ts