Looking Through A Different Lens

Building the foundation of an independent record label requires everyone to wear multiple hats. Unfortunately, some hats are more uncomfortable than others due to a lack of knowledge or experience in that particular field. But how do you choose what takes priority over the other? This is an unavoidable question we all face on a daily basis, and after a thorough analysis of your goals the answer is quite simple; do what works for your fans AND your team! You’ve already developed your sound and now want to share your musical works with anyone willing to listen. Finding the next piece to the puzzle can be challenging, but who says you can’t have a blast doing it!? Let’s face it, we chose the entertainment industry to be a part of something exhilarating, and it’s my belief that people need to see that; not just hear it. YouTube is by far one of the best avenues to take when looking for that “break,” and is today’s most popular radio station world- wide to where you can show people exactly who you are and give them your message the way you want it to be told. Going beyond music videos and giving your fans a raw look into your growth as an artist is very powerful to say the least. Anything from a live Hangout message to step by step creative masterpiece you want to share with your followers. The sky is the limit! This is a hat Underpaid Genius is willing to wear to ensure our success by sharing how hard we are working to give our supporters everything they want and deserve. We have a lot of room to grow, but the potential and opportunity are there; we just have to take the risk, all of us.

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