Floating In The Studio

As Dane approaches the last few stages of completing his official mixtape, Waitin On The 20, there is an unpretentious and hospitable vibe afloat Launch Pad Studios. An having a strong, positive relationship with his engineer, A Squared, has been nothing but fulfilling for Dane.  It has been almost a full year since Dane begin his first project and over six months since recording, and after multiple changes and setbacks, he was ready to give every ounce of energy he had left for this last track. Dane proudly vocalized how he will, “ascend with the city,” referring to Austin, Texas where he is starting his career as a hip hop artist and producer.  The time is nearing for people to finally hear the music he has worked hard on producing and recording; and the smile on his face as he projected his lyrics into the mic was plenty evidence that he’s loving every moment of it. After dominating his hooks and verses Dane adds the final ingredients to ensure his last work for this project is nothing less than epic. He has not only dedicated countless hours to perfect his craft, but he also wants to give his fans and followers the opportunity to join him and his crew in their movement as an Underpaid Genius. From his music, to shows around the nation, to YouTube, Dane is more than ready to start his next chapter.