Hip Hop in ATX

Austin, Texas is best known as the Live Music Capital of the World with everything from international festivals like South by Southwest and Austin City Limits to different local musicians performing on Sixth Street every night of the week. It’s incredible to see the diversity grow among the citizens of Austin every day; at the same time, it’s mind-boggling how this “Live Music Capital” lacks a professional bond between it’s hungry artists and the music business. People usually only recognize the surface of what the weird city has to offer as so many aspiring musicians flock to the developing capital only to be left drained as they face a complex and ruthless industry. On the other hand, if you’re looking to get your feet wet in (sub)genres such as, blues and rock, you might have an easier time getting soaked than those of us attempting to prevail in the hip hop scene. Having little over a year’s experience of observing and getting to know the industry as an independent label, there is an obvious absence of structure and opportunities for hip hop artists. The effect to this cause has resulted in a tension among local rappers as if there is some sort of competition; but let’s be honest, hip hop IS a competitive market when there are very few people ensuring a consistent flow of opportunities for artists. Although a challenge, it is not hard to pinpoint and benefit from previous and successful cities’ industry models to help guide aspiring artists to get their careers on the right path. It all starts with opening one’s mind to only compete with the self and prospering with one another. From there, business is business, and more people will admit the evident talent would be foolish to pass up.