It’s All About The Music

Building a career in the music industry has proven to be a roller coaster ride. We thrive off the anticipation of the steep slope ahead and throw our arms up as enjoy the flush of sound waves running through our veins. But this ride is not always thrilling. Every now and then, we get jammed within our stresses that we tend to lose focus from what matters the most in our lives, the music. Believe me when I say, ‘I wish I had two more of me,’ then things would be much simpler! We all know this is no reality. Reality is, the load gets heavier and the budget increases with no mercy. As music business professionals, we sometimes forget why we’re still here, although we remember why we initially chose this career path. It’s not easy to reveal such emotions and at times challenging to come up with an answer at the snap of a finger. I’m not ashamed to confess I sometimes have to ask myself the “why” question. If I don’t I’ll surely lose sight and it’ll no longer be all about the music.

The first time I listened to my friend recite his rhymes three years ago, I felt as though I knew what it was like to be in his head, even just for a moment. The first time I listened to my friend on a track (“In My Mind”), I wanted to go wherever he was going next; I had to be part of his journey. Today, I listen to business partner’s lyrics and I remember why I’m still here. I remember why I believe in his craft, because I am living what he talks about in his music. Every… single… day. I am exactly where I want to be, part of the journey. I begin to realize that worrying about how everything will work out is only a distraction from what motivated us to come this far.

We cannot avoid the nature of the business, but the music we represent is real and our intentions are true. The rest is inevitable. Listen.