Dane Represents UPG at SXSW

The energy was throbbing on the last Saturday of South By Southwest in a cozy west campus bar known as Love Goat. Although given a small stage, Dane wasted no time in taking over the audience with an intense and unforgettable performance. The cofounder of Underpaid Genius Ent made a connection with the crowd that made the speakers roar as everyone’s voice elevated. What makes this Austin hip hop artist unique is his undeniable talent to lift others off their seats and pay attention. It’s very apparent that this underpaid genius is meant to be on stage.

This was Dane’s first time performing at South By Southwest and he has made it clear he will be returning stronger with the support of his record label. Dane is no stranger to the hip hop scene in Austin, as he lives on the south side of the city.

This genius has a busy schedule ahead of him as he is due to release his mixtape, Waitin On The 20, April 1st, 2014. Dane is also headlining a showcase, Audio Dope, at the hip east-side venue Scoot Inn, on April 6th. But before he hits Austin with more stunning performances, he and his manager, Stephanie Elise, will be representing Underpaid Genius Ent. at the Southern Entertainment Awards in Tunica, Mississippi. Dane will also be performing his newest single off his mixtape called, “Bout To Get It.”

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