DANE discusses new project, brand, travels & more with Ground Sounds

Curiosity around UnderPaid Genius Entertainment’s co-founder is accumulating across the nation, with Ground Sounds eager to discuss DANE‘s next move:

DANE is an Ohio artist who has relocated to the state of Texas. He just released his first project and is planning on continuing to invade the music scene. Check the interview out below and learn more about him!

What’s good bruh, how you livin’?

I’ve been good homie. Makin music and startin a business.. I was happy you contacted me. It was only a matter of time before we linked up. I just needed to get my feet wet. I been following yalls movement. Shoutout to Elevated Livin!

So you seem fairly new to promoting your own music and establishing yourself as a brand but I know you’ve been rapping for awhile…when did you first start rapping? and when you actually start to take it serious?

The brand came prior to the music as sort of life style i wanted to embody. I started rapping about 4 years ago around the end of my enlistment. But it got serious when I moved to Austin.

I know you’ve been around the world…were you in the military? or a military kid?

Was was in the military, specifically the Air Force, for a long 3 years. I spent most of that time in Japan and Korea. Before enlisting at 19 I had already been a few places. My parents weren’t in the military, I figure they just wanted to see new things.

Where are you originally from?

OH! all day bro! We did move around alot. I was born in the ATL but, I spent the crucial years in Dayton. Between kindergarten and 4th grade. then my last 3 years of High School. But you know all about that.. Go Elks!

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