..and is preparing to hit the road this fall for “The Relativity Tour” in mid to late October. Settling down has never been a popular phrase amongst the members at UnderPaid Genius, rather the team has been eager to hit the road to share the experiences of their mission with new and existing fans; what better way to connect with supporters face-to-face while touring the country?! Since UnderPaid Genius will be on constant move, followers will have the opportunity to stay connected with through blogs, vlogs and all of UPG’s social media outlets. The Relativity Tour will kick off in Austin, Texas, then it’s off to the West Coast for a total of 4-5 months before returning back to The Weird City for SXSW 2015.


The first step (obtaining the 15 passenger van) was the hardest, it took four days of hotel hopping and “what do we do next?” before finding the right fit. But eventually the right opportunity emerged and it was on to the next step, make the van suitable for life on the road.



Now a week into the process, everyone in UPG is working diligently to make the most of the small space while still focusing on other projects such as DANE’s second project, “Golden Glass & Graffiti,” designated to also release this fall. In addition, Jared Luker is currently producing his first project experimenting with new sounds and heavy influences of his new life as an UnderPaid Genius.

Make no mistake, living mobile is no easy task; with a low budget, meal-to-meal groceries, Texas heat and even harassment from APD, the team has encountered a new struggle. However, the Geniuses are experiencing more support than they could have fathomed from fans since acquiring their new home and are motivated to push even harder to share their growth as young entrepreneurs in the music industry. It’s now becoming inevitable that UnderPaid Genius cannot be held back from their pursuit of success.