Today Was A Good Day

Today, I had a very different experience with APD than my last encounter. The entire day seemed to be going well as I felt confident I landed a side job and spent some time with my friend after she got off work. In victory of our visit with each other, we decided to take a stroll on the trail at Town Lake (aka Lady Bird Lake) and find a good bench to enjoy our perfectly rolled joint. We sat down, talked for a bit, then sparked the fresh herb; feeling totally relaxed and carefree.

After my second hit, I heard a stern voice yell, “Ma’am…” I looked back over my left shoulder and saw two APD officers on their mountain bikes. “You can’t smoke that.” I calmly put out the joint and the officer replied with a wave and genuine, “Thank you!” and peddled onward. Not once did the officers stop.

I looked to my friend with a huge smile on my face, only to see her still staring at the water in complete shock. All she could say was, “What the hell?!”

All I could say was, “Happy Labor Day!”

-S. Elise