Talk about a full first day! The plan was to leave by 1:00pm, two the latest, but complications with the tour van switched things up real quick. The van’s A/C was out of commission and arriving in Ft. Worth drenched in sweat did not seem like a suitable option. Dru Fay and Eric White had an idea to rent an SUV big enough to fight all the official artists, but finding the right one would prove to be a challenge all it’s own. The time sped right by us when the partners of In My Sight  were able to land a brand new Chevy Tahoe at approximately 5:00pm. Dru and myself opted to take the responsibility of driving to each destination, with me taking the wheel to the showcase. New problems arose as we had to head north through Austin traffic to pick up DJ D Best’s turntables in Round Rock and then make it to Lola’s Saloon by 8:30. And of course, rush hour killed our timing. As we loaded the tables and luggage in the rental, space instantly dissipated. Eric White stepped up quickly and offered to carpool in his Saturn L300. Finally, we were able to hit the road around 7:00pm with the anticipation of cutting our time in half to only arrive a half hour late.

Things were looking up as N I-35 was clear of traffic (and highway patrol) and positive attitudes kept the energy alive. Eric White had D Best and Branden Rex (of Park N Murray) along for the ride while the Tahoe carried Dru Fay, DANE, Anya, Likwid Flowz and myself. About a half hour into our trip, the sky turned from a bright ocean to a heavy blanket of rain clouds; we soon learned these weren’t just any rain clouds. We were heading straight for a massive thunderstorm. The evening instantly turned to night with only the flashing bolts of lightning to illuminate the sky. To my surprise, we passed through patches of the pouring rain that only lasted up to no longer than five minutes at a time.

The time was 9:30 by the time we arrived to Lola’s Saloon. Everyone hurriedly unloaded gear and changed into their attire for the night. No rehearsal. No check-in at the hotel. No time for obstacles. But every single artist made the situation work to their advantage with encouragement and support from one another. Lola’s Saloon had a very intimate set up with the main spotlight on stage and an impeccable sound system fit for natural entertainers. I couldn’t have been more satisfied with the positive aura as most of the artists watched each other perform for the first time. Through traffic, rain and going against time, the first show of We From Austin was a major success!

– Stephanie Elise