Originally from Fort Worth, GidZillah was reunited with his hometown since he last visited ten years ago on the first stop of the We From Austin Texas Tour. Not only did the Austin emcee bring his incredibly live band, complete with his drummer, bassist and hype man, Gid set the bar high with a powerful message to keep it positive. By the second song of Gid’s set, the entire crowd surrounded the stage competing with the sound system while flashing cameras became strobe lights.

Gid’s words harmonized with his display of passion, but it was with the help of his band that pushed waves of good vibrations throughout their set. For a moment, I couldn’t take my eyes off the drummer, Miguel; the love for his band was evident. Now, the bassist, Shawn, was so smooth I found myself grooving to the sick bass lines while Miguel had my heart throbbing. Gid was also accompanied by his hype man, Nate, whom is also the band’s producer. The two filled the room with more momentum as each song passed making it difficult to think about anything but their high-energy vocals.

The unified band shared the stage with stamina and style, giving everyone their spot to shine. The strong connection between the band was portrayed through their stage presence and work ethic throughout the rest of the night. I ran up to Gid after his performance to congratulate him for such a marvelous show and before I could do so, he handed me my very own “GidZillah” tee and a three song EP. He made it a point to thank me for my energy and keeping the vibe alive during his set. The humble attitude from Gid was genuine and only made me love him and his music even more.

– Stephanie Elise