The vibe throughout Lola’s Saloon left all the artists with affirmation the long trip to Fort Worth was well worth it, but there was no hiding their need for sleep. After the venue closed for the night, we checked into the Motel 6 and attempted to quickly get to sleep. But how could we? The intensity of the first showcase had everyone hyped for the second showcase in Dallas at the Absinthe Lounge. DANE pulled out his MPC and got to work on newly inspired instrumentals, Branden Rex surprised the group with mixed drinks and a few other artists opted to partake in relaxing with Mother Earth’s herb. After a few hours, the tone began to dwindle and we finally managed to get some sleep; I’d like to emphasize on the some sleep as we had to check out of our room before noon.

We wouldn’t be able to check in to our next room until approximately 3pm, so the group elected to make way to Dallas and come up with a game plan for the day. It’s fairly quick traveling in the DFW area so we arrived to Dallas in no time. The only problem was finding something, anything to do once we landed downtown. From the Reunion Tower to the Dallas Museum of Art, the time dragged on until 3:00 rolled around. I did notice Rex and DANE promoting the evening’s event to everyone they had an opportunity to speak to; good hustle guys.

3:00 showed up and we still had no hotel booked, rates were high and budget was running low due to the rental. I could recall hearing some of the artists state they’ve never experienced Deep Ellum, and suggested we check it out. Given the time of day it wasn’t quite the evening, I’m glad everyone had the chance to get familiar with the area and hopefully perform in the Austin-like district.

Another couple hours passed and Absinthe Lounge was open for business. DANE and I had previous engagements to meet our good friend to discuss future endeavors for DANE’s music so we met up with everyone some hours later on at the venue. When we entered the chilled out establishment, we were greeted with smiles and free popcorn. And although the lounge area had an inviting atmosphere, it was the VIP room that caught my attention. It was a though I entered the ultimate house party complete with a pool table, dart board and the stage where I was stoked to find out the We From Austin artists would be performing.

It was showtime and the royal red carpet faded to burgundy as the lights dimmed. The VIP lounge filled up in no time and the single bartender present was truly put to the test on her skills. The oddly shaped floor space did not phase the artists, giving each of them the freedom to get closer to the showcase attendees. It was fascinating to see everyone manage what they were given with such proper etiquette. All night Austin and local Dallas emcees were networking, connecting, truly showcasing what they had to offer. Night two of We From Austin Tour went down as another successful event!