Being a female emcee and vocalist has always been a challenge in our industry and with Anya as We From Austin’s only female artist, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was able to get to know more about Anya on the way to Lola’s Saloon and while we listened to her mixtape, Pretty Color Bad News, I became anxious to see such a down to earth individual entertain the crowd. As Anya took stage after a very appropriate introduction in Fort Worth, I was happy to see such a humble approach to her audience.

Immediately, I could feel the venue get hype with me as DJ D Best spun the first instrumental. And more than raps, Anya had something to say. Her Lauryn Hill-like presence gave me the girl power chills. She doesn’t follow the stereotypical path a woman trying to prove herself, she simply talked about the real shit we’re all looking for.  “I was born to be on stage,” said the down to earth entertainer, and she was right.

Throughout the next few days of the tour, I felt an even deeper connection with Anya’s music which I know showed during her performance in San Antonio at the Bottom Bracket Social Club. The energy had me feeling lifted. As a matter of fact, Anya had the club chanting “Don’t worry!” to the haters; a prime example of her positive outlook. I am truly grateful I’ve had the opportunity to get to know the woman behind her lyrics.


-Stephanie Elise