I was thrilled to find out Hyder would be joining us on this tour and hoped to hear some new music. Rumors buzzed that his new sound suited his style and presence, making me anticipate his performance even more. Unable to attend the first showcase at Lola’s Saloon, Hyder’s first appearance for the We From Austin Texas Tour took place in Dallas at the Absinthe Lounge.

I admire Hyder’s drive as I soon discovered the motivated emcee would travel to every show after being relieved from work, which he had be back for the next morning at 6:00am…every morning. Wow! His dedication to his movement is an inspiration; really, what the hell do I have to complain about? But he wouldn’t stop there. Hyder made conscious efforts to approach everyone he knew before his performance, giving off a modest aura.

Hyder took the floor and got the crowd hyped up as he introduced his new song, “Ride Out.” God damn! was all I could think. This is exactly what I had hoped for. His delivery, etiquette and eye contact with each and every audience member had the whole crowd hooked. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the way Hyder made heads bang; you can tell he lives for these moments.

Hyder continued his hustle after he passed the mic off by passing out demos of his upcoming EP, Dreamcatcher and thanking everyone for watching his performance. I ran up to Hyder to praise him on his performance and expressed how excited I was about his upcoming project. I couldn’t quite get a release date from the (talented) emcee, but I let him know I need a physical copy once it comes out. Hyder never lost momentum at the next few shows he attended although you could see the effect of the long days and nights he spent making his dreams a reality. I commend Hyder on his work ethic and look forward to see him grow with every project and performance.

– Stephanie Elise