The drive back from San Antonio to Austin was definitely faster than Dallas, and we all made it back safely. The next stop was Houston at Jet Lounge. From what I was previously told, Sundays were poppin’ at Jet Lounge. I couldn’t be happier to revisit my hometown of the Screwed City. Our only issue this time was finding a suitable source of transportation. We had several options to hop rides with other artists, but the timing just wasn’t right. At this point, taking the van seemed to be our best option.

Since we traded the Jeep Grand Cherokee for the 15 passenger van we have come across many issues, fixing what we can one step at a time. Traveling out of time for the first time would be the true test to see if this baby could make the trip. Jared Luker joined us for the road trip & we all offered to pick up Anya since she had yet to find a ride herself. By the time we hit HWY 71 to I-10 the time was close to 10pm; not a problem, we could still make it within two hours.

At first, the ride was smooth, but about half way through our journey the troubles arose. The engine was losing power and we now found ourselves in the middle of nowhere with a slow-running van. We quickly pulled into the nearest gas station, which looked like something you see in a Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie and had an obscenely amount of black cats lurking by the front door, and we filled the van with three quarts of oil. That should do the trick, right? Nope! We kept losing power, turning our trip into a 3 1/2 hour excursion. I felt terrible for Anya, but she was such a good sport about everything. Thankfully, we made it safely to downtown Houston at approximately 11:30pm, just in time to catch D.R.O.I.D.’s last performance. By this time, the venue had died down quite a bit, but every Austin artist was in high spirits continuing to support and rock out with the rest of the performers.

When you first walk in to Jet Lounge, to the right is the lounge area which was full of oversized, black leather couches and chair accompanied by dim lit lamps and low tables; I could see myself doing some serious lounging after that trip. Divided by a wall was the performance stage with the bar on the side of the stage. The stage was raised and the sound was precise, and I especially appreciated the stage effects. This stage was perfect for any performer to truly entertain the crowd. For the artists that performed in front of the small audience, they still rocked the hell out of their sets. The comradery among all the artists gave me a satisfying, warm feeling inside. These guys (and gal) are serious about this life!


As the night came to an end, everyone was exhausted and ready to hit the road back to Austin. Even though I felt the same, I wasn’t sure how the van would run and didn’t want to put Anya through more than she already experienced. But the time came and I slid the key in the ignition.

Let’s see how this goes.

– Stephanie Elise