Toward the end of the second We From Austin showcase, I was feeling exhausted. My sinuses and allergies came down on me like a pile of boulder and it became more difficult by the minute to stay afloat. As the tour manager, Eric White had to stay until the bar closed. Those of us in the Tahoe opted to head back to Austin, the time was now 1:00am. The ride was a long one, but we all made it safely home, including Eric and his passengers. The rental needed to be turned in the following afternoon, so it would be up to all the artists to make sure they arrived to the rest of the showcases on their own.

Unfortunately, the show on Friday in Corpus Christi was cancelled due to a few mishaps among the promoters, but the show would go on in San Antonio at the Bottom Bracket Social Club on Saturday. I never visited San Antonio for a show but heard many times the military town shows lots of love.

Finding proper transpiration to the venue proved to be a bit more difficult than anticipated, but thanks to Rex of Park N Murray, DANE, Anya and myself arrived just in time for the show. Although I was unsure of the area we were in, I enjoyed the essence of the backyard-like area just passed the front entrance. There were picnic tables surrounding the half-court, bar-b-que pits, graffiti on the venue walls and dim lighting; I was really digging the atmosphere outside. I made my way inside the social club to find an open floor next to the bar that I assumed was for the performances. There were some technical difficulties with the sound system and the venue lighting was very dim, but once again all the artists walked in ready to show San Antonio what they had to offer.

By the third performance, strobe lights completely altered the tempo of the night. I certainly felt the shift in pace. I was impressed with both Austin and San Antonio emcees on how they conducted themselves on the floor. By midnight, the venue was full with local patrons ready to enjoy their Saturday night. And judging by everyone’s body language, they found exactly what they were looking for.

I frequently went back and forth from backyard to inside the venue to mingle and network with as many people as possible and was pleased to see all the official and local artists doing the same. The outcome put everyone on cloud nine which radiated through performances and conversations throughout the night. Before I knew it, the time was 2:30am and the fluorescent lights illuminated the sticky floors. Most everyone went home, but leave it up to the Austin artists to keep their own party going thanks to DJ D Best playing one banger after another. It was then I felt everyone truly connected like family. San Antonio gave such a loving vibe; we’ll be back.


– Stephanie Elise