I’ve always liked D.R.O.I.D.‘s stage presence. The first time I saw him perform was at Bat Bar on Sixth Street and thought I have to book this guy for my next show! He had a drummer behind him and the connection between these two was powerful. When I found out he’d be on the second half of the We From Austin Tour, I knew he’d come to impress. Only this time, he had his guitarist, Taylor with him. Say what!?

In my recent blog, I mentioned arriving rather late to the Jet Lounge in Houston and only had the opportunity to catch the end of D.R.O.I.D.’s performance. Luckily, I was able to witness his full set with Taylor at the Triple Crown in San Marcos.

From the moment Taylor strummed the first string on his guitar, I was once again hooked. How the hell did they do it? The system at Triple Crown was perfect for the duo and the live sound of those riffs rattled my spine. I think the diverse crowd felt it too, no one was sitting still for these two making them a perfect opening act for the night.

Beyond rap, D.R.O.I.D. can hold a tune, impressive given his agile rhymes; another favorable characteristic of the Houston native. After his and Taylor’s performance, I ran up to both and let them know I always loved D.R.O.I.D.’s performance accompanied by the drums, but there was something special about their incorporation of the electric guitar. I would love to see both instruments played live with D.R.O.I.D., and I know a full band would be absolutely sick!

– Stephanie Elise