Hail to one of the best DJs in Austin, Texas! On the We From Austin Tour, DJ D Best topped every artist’s performance with precision in his cuts and scratches to add his flavor that most would agree is highly addictive. He was there, every night, from start to finish. Throughout each showcase, D Best shined as he shredded some of hip hop’s hottest tracks out right now, forcing audiences to get out of their seats and join the party. The vibe turned hype every time he touch those tables.

It was evident the amount of appreciation each performing artist had for D Best’s efforts to push their set to the next level. And with D Best’s signature, “Damn son, where’d you find that,” the turn up was officially commenced. I remember walking into Bottom Bracket Social Club in San Antonio after the bar closed to find D Best and a handful of performers on the dance floor bangin’ to some of D Best’s favorite tracks. His presence is drove people from curiosity to dancing without even realizing it; a true DJ at heart.

Although D Best is one of the most approachable DJs I know, he’ll most likely approach YOU. Again drawing you in closer to the stage or dance floor. Now I’ve witnessed D Best perform without rehearsal at the Audio Dope showcase I threw back in April, but I have to admit I was extremely impressed with his punctual delivery for each artist on tour…and there were A LOT of artists. Not only was D Best on point for the performances, he progressed in his craft each night that passed.

I’ve never witnessed such magic between multiple artists and ONE DJ; this man was born to spin! He’s intuitive and passionate about the music he feels in his bones, I know this because when he performs I feel the same vibrations throughout my skeleton. DJ D Best is certainly one of the most underrated DJ’s in Texas.


– Stephanie Elise