Where The Hell Are We!? (Part I)

I had my doubts about Gertrude (aka our van) making the expected two hour trip from Austin to the first-ever Back To Back festival in Victoria, Texas, but in this business you become willing to take some pretty big and unexpected risks. It was close to 10:30 am on Thursday, October 2nd when myself, DANE, Belle, L Devell and my cousin Thomas departed for DANE and L Devell’s opening of legendary DJ Peanut Butter Wolf. Close to a half hour outbound, good ol’ Trudy started giving us trouble. Should I pull over? Should we turn around? Were just some of the questions running through my head, but we pushed on; I had my crew with me. No worries, right? From the time we left Austin to the time Gertrude finally gave up, the time sped to 1 pm just outside of Cuero. Where is Cuero? We still don’t know, we were literally stranded in the middle of nowhere. We tried everything we could, from tapping the starter, giving the van some rest, there was even an elderly woman willing to help us jump the battery. Nothing. Now what?

First rule when getting stranded, NEVER split up! What did we do? You guessed it. Thomas tightened his running shoes and began his eleven mile journey to Cuero to look for help. By this time, I gained about an hour of footage and countless photos on the GoPro Hero 3, but it was DANE and L Devell’s performance on the side of HWY 183 that made this terrible situation a bit more bearable. I thank them for that. A half hour passed, when an older gentleman pulled over and said he had some jumper cables. We informed him it was no use and he offered to take us to the only operating towing service in Cuero. What’s the first rule? We were somehow able to break that rule twice as DANE hopped in the truck and disappeared off into the distance. Then, there were three. I’d say it was roughly two hours of Belle, L Devell and myself forcing each other to stay awake in the Texas heat before Thomas, DANE, the tow-truck driver and my Uncle Joe came to our rescue; damn, I was happy to see them!

The tow-truck driver ensured us Gertrude was now in safe hands and would tow her to Cuero’s automotive repair shop ASAP. Everyone gathered their necessities, assuming we’d only stay in Victoria for the weekend, and placed our belongings in the bed of my uncle’s truck. The time was now 5 pm, no time to waste. We needed to get to my Grandmother’s house, with whom we resided, eat, shower and rush to the Golden Gecko for DANE’s performance. Thankfully, Victoria is approximately 25 minutes from Cuero and we made it to the venue just in time to wait another three hours for DANE to take the stage, with L Devell as his hype man. It was finally time for us to enjoy some cocktails while we relaxed and waited for the first showcase of Back To Back to begin.

-Stephanie Elise