As I stated in my last blog, I’m grateful for the gift I received from DANE and L Devell while stranded on the side of Highway 183. We were on our way to the first- ever Back 2 Back, when our van gave up on us. No communication. No mechanic shop nearby. Nothing. Just the sound of cars and semi- trucks flying by and Mother Nature’s scorching son.

I was not prepared for the stress of being stranded in middle-of-nowhere Texas, but I decided to go ahead and pull out my GoPro Hero 3 and press record. From that moment, I experienced something so organic, I began to appreciate our unfortunate turn of events. The entire trip leading up to DANE and L Devell walking on stage (killing it every time) proved to me once again, we are here to stay.

We are ready for the world to see what we are all about.