DANE’s recent visit to Launchpad Studio was an exuberant reunion. The energy waving throughout the studio was impossible to dodge as DANE and Launchpad’s engineer, A Squared laid down the first track for recording. Due to the overdue wait of the start of such an anticipating project, the official UnderPaid Genius artist and his team agreed Golden Glass & Graffiti deserves the title of an album. High expectations and dedication of the first album has made the wait all worth while.

Launchpad was the sole establishment used for the recording of Waitin’ On The 20, but this first visit back was different. DANE’s prior experience in the studio made for a more fluid workflow, not to mention he was thoroughly prepared having waited almost six months to start recording. Though the dawn of his process was delayed, it wasn’t long before DANE completed his vocals and moved on to the engineering board with A Squared. There, the two worked diligently to perfect the first recorded track for Golden Glass & Graffiti with a meticulous approach.

Within a few hours, though seeming like minutes, DANE was more than satisfied with his new track, asking A Squared to play it once more. DANE and his team were on cloud nine leaving the prestige studio and were ready to get back in the lab ASAP, knowing next time’s visit will be a whole new experience.