UnderPaid Genius is a proud sponsor of the World’s Greatest Wrestler, Jack Jameson. Based out of the Man Cave in Austin, the master of the wrist lock is returning to the Texas Capital for the championship title at the Guilty by Association held on January 18th at The Mohawk. Currently in St. Louis, Jack has traveled all over North America from Tampa, Florida to Calgary, Canada; mixed with ambition, courage and talent, there’s no match too big for a shot of Jack.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with unsigned and underground artists, but this is a first for the UPG crew, and a dream come true for our frontman, DANE. A fan of independent music, Jack asked DANE if he’d be interested in developing an entrance song for the upcoming match on January 18th. Without hesitation, DANE went straight to the lab and got to work with on thing in mind, How will I make such an epic song fit for a pro wrestler?

Throughout the recent holidays, DANE tweaked and rehearsed his masterpiece before recording “Jack Jameson,” now available on our Music page and SoundCloud.

It was a wrap once Jack listened to his new entrance song; his humbled reaction was both honorable and relieving for DANE. Filled with satisfaction, DANE invited Jack to join UPG in the studio for a special recording before the Guilty by Association match. The relationship formed between these two indies can best be described as selfless; thus creating the perfect collaboration for the occasion.

Keep Cognizant.

Guilty by Association