Who knew Amtrak would come through in the clutch for the team traveling to Grid Squid Entertainment’s Boom Baps & Daps showcase in San Marcos!? ..was my initial thought process. I only experienced train-life in Europe as a teenager and a few times on Japan’s well-known bullet train while stationed overseas. I was pretty excited about the trip through nostalgia and wished I had packed some gin & juice. Our trip to Bobcat nation was going to be quick and easy, until we missed our stop! We were then forced to take the remainder of the trip to San Antonio. In the middle of taking photos and capturing footage for UPGTV, the conductor announced our arrival in San Marcos; every train car but the private dining area we inconveniently chose. Thankfully, we booked our now expedition to land in San Marcos well in before the start of Boom Baps & Daps. Having friends in the area and willing to provide UPG transportation helps too. In the meantime, we turned the tables and had a special photo shoot.

DANE seemed to be the most disappointed; cedar fever was already taking control of his health, shutting down his basic functions of breathing, and having to deal with the complications of doing what he loves most was not helping. Hungry and tired, he laid down and draped the eyelids over his eyes while Belle and I wrapped up our photo shoot.

Not five minutes after ditching the Amtrak San Antonio station, our friend, Ivan, rushed us to the Triple Crown. We entered the venue exactly one minute before showtime. We are forever grateful for a true UnderPaid Genius on our side.

Walking back into Triple Crown was a comforting feeling (despite the hunger pains). We previously visited the intimate venue during the We From Austin Texas Tour. I remember the energy jumping through the roof. I saw new and familiar faces, all welcoming and cheerful as we all anticipated the night’s festivities. Within an hour into the show, DANE flew on stage, he was ready to exhaust all the generated power he built up before that cold Tuesday night. Although I expected DANE to be anxious, he looked healthy up there. He had a story to tell and everyone from DJ Man-of-the-Downtrodden to the guy hiding behind the crowd was listening. DANE kicked off his set with a well-received a cappella, forcing his audience’s ears locked, ready for more. The relationship between artist and admirers was unique, a part of me wishes I could’ve captured that moment without a camera in my hands. The momentum was unstoppable, you would’ve never known DANE’s body was suffering from throbbing allergies.

Like so many previous shows, new fans and potential collaborating artists approached the co-founder of UnderPaid Genius, asking for more information on how to get connected with such a diverse artist.

Toward the end of the event, it was just DANE and I, starved at this point. By the time we checked into the hotel and ate, the clock struck 2AM, just enough opportunity to nap before our 8AM departure. I cannot wait to visit San Marcos again.

Photos of the showcase can be found our our Media page & behind the scenes footage will be uploaded to UPGTV early next month.

-Stephanie Elise