After a year of plans and alterations, UnderPaid Genius is ready to make its way across the country.

Originally founded in Austin, Texas, DANE and his manager didn’t have a clue as to how to run an independent record label. They immediately turned to their friends for help (a practice they still use) and created a Facebook page, announcing the birth of UnderPaid Genius Entertainment. Over the course of two and a half years, the team has fluctuated in size, but their movement continues to grow across the world.

Although the label has received support from like-minded fans and individuals throughout the Weird City, there is nothing quite like that hometown love, thus making Dayton, Ohio the crew’s new home. DANE may be well-traveled, but he has never forgotten his roots and knows this is a better time than ever to show his love and appreciation for his home.

While not everyone will be joining the trip across country, DANE is confident those accompanying him will be able to take UnderPaid Genius to the next level on the home front, spreading the rest of the team across Texas, Illinois and Arizona. In fact, the team will shortly be reunited with producer, Max Lo, as he currently resides in Warren, Ohio.

Everyone at UnderPaid Genius is, however, equally enthusiastic about the growth of DANE’s support system in Dayton through the spread of his music. Things are moving rapidly for the young company and there is no sign of them lowering the anchor any time soon.

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