Our staff at UnderPaid Genius Entertainment is full of excitement & and anxious to push the new EP, Something New, from Yung Quadroon; although, our excitement is nothing compared to that of YQ & Nic da Sic, as they have been patiently waiting for the world to hear their creation.

Some time after the completion of the Something New, I sent Nic a series of questions to get a more in-depth understanding of his thoughts on the project and expectations for the project, in which he was happy to share with his fans.

Q: What was your overall role during the production and recording of Something New?

Nic: “I’d say facilitating and orchestrating a sound that consistently fit the mold for the project.”

Q: As a producer/ engineer, what separates this project apart from your previous work?

Nic: “Completeness. With having the right hands implemented in the right places everything seemed to be top-notch as to where previous projects could have been taken further.”

Q: In one word, how would you describe your experience working on Something New?

Nic: “Greatness.” 

Q: What was the main influence(s) behind Something New?

Nic:  “I think in this one there were no outer influences. Between YQ and me and our own experiences we’ve been through, we took that and just bounced off each other. Made the circle smaller and cut out the middle man.”

Q: How long did it take to complete the project?

Nic:  “I think with full completion a little over a month.” 

Q: How long have you known Yung Quadroon and when did the two of you begin to collaborate?

Nic:  “We met almost 2 years ago at an open mic hip-hop night. We began collaborating shortly after but never really got down in the studio with a good workflow till recently.”

Q: Have you and Yung Quadroon worked on any other projects together?

Nic:  “I produced a couple tracks on Golden Glass and Graffiti.”

Q: Describe Yung Quadroon’s x Nic da Sic’s sound:

Nic:  “An electronic/trappy lyrical gumbo of goodness.”

Q: What is the strongest asset you and Yung Quadroon hold when collaborating?

Nic:  “Even though the productions and song writing is crazy I’d have to just say raw lyrics. You’re gonna get multitude of multi’s and mean delivery. We always push each other when it comes to that.”

Q: Recently, you and YQ released a track called, 420. How does this single compare to Something New as a whole?

Nic:  “It fits right in. It’s still got that Somethin’ New sound. In that regaurd it was the fastest most organic track we layed down and it’s already caught a buzz, and of course the timing couldn’t have been better. #420”

Q: Do you have a favorite track from the EP?

Nic:  “A.OK. is probably my favorite just because the feeling it transpires. That realness.”

Q: What do you hope for new and existing listeners to gain from Something New?

Nic: “I’d really like for people to say, “Somethin’ New? That’s cool man! Nah, for real, I’d like people to revitalize their ears with a breath of fresh sound. To know, we’re still out here spittin quality lyrics, making quality beats and making quality projects and you’ll get nothing less from us every time.”

Q: What do you seek to accomplish with the release of Something New

Nic:  “A Grammy.” 

 I’ve always known Nic to be a genuine person & dedicated artist, and after watching and listening to the birth of Something New myself, there’s not a drop of neglect from this EP’s production.

I wanted to leave Nic with the opportunity to say one last thing before ending our Q&A, anything he wanted to let you all know. He leaves you with this, “Follow everything UPG! Twitter & Soundcloud @TheRealNicC”

Stephanie Elise