It’s been a while since Yung Quadroon has hyped fans with his tireless stage presence; his last performance took place on the famous Sixth Street of Austin, Texas where he first performed songs off his new EP, Something New. Although Something New was in its final stages of production, the Co-founder of UnderPaid Genius was eager to give his audience exactly what they felt they had been missing. Needless to say, the crowd’s high energy vibrated the rooftop of Club 512, embracing Something New.

Since YQ’s last performance, he has not had the chance to show off his industry ready project, until now. That is, until December 13th of this year at the House of Blues in Cleveland, Ohio. This upcoming performance will be the start to a long, draining pause from Yung Quadroon’s favorite way of connecting with fans. This will also be a red carpet event, a first for YQ and his team.

Although the UnderPaid Genius crew has not had to prepare for a showcase for an extended period of time, they are far from nervous; on the contrary, they are bursting with energy, ready to hit the music scene in Cleveland.

Pre sale tickets are now available online which include a plus one per admission.