Fresh Dope is Dayton, Ohio’s newest and most entertaining podcast comprised by three long-time friends; Selam (Melly Mel) and Nick (Smooth Milk) both reside in Dayton while the third member, Alex (A.D.) accompanies the podcast via Skype as he currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. Every week, the trio discusses relevant topics pertaining to entertainment, sports and events, while also sharing their view points on these topics along with their own personal stories.

Last night, Fresh Dope aired “Session 15,” delivering laughter to their listeners as A.D. and Melly Mel took over the airwaves. Half way through the episode, the two get to talking about their top five rappers alive along with up-and-coming artists. Shortly following, Melly Mel gave a well deserved shoutout to his compadre, DANE (Yung Quadroon).

Mel goes on to describe Something New as intelligent rap and knows every song off the top of his head enough to perform with YQ at his upcoming show at the House of Blues in Cleveland this December. He does not plan to stop there, Mel has ideas on showing viewers and listeners DANE/ Yung Quadroon’s come-up in the near future.

Listen to the full session of Fresh Dope Podcast.

Skip to 41.00 for Melly Mel’s take on YQ & Something New.