For the first time in over six months, Yung Quadroon was reunited with the stage, in which he describes to be the most comfortable aspect of his career. Not only was YQ ready to blow the speakers at House of Blues in Cleveland, so were his crew- hype men Melly Mel and Nova Martin, and his DJ Chocolate Thunder- again, a first for the UPG artist.

Preluding the performance, a newly found crew for the UnderPaid Genius team was gracefully formulated, ensuring the trip to Cleveland from Dayton was as smooth as preparing for the actual performance. Once the squad took off for the North Coast, everything else just fell into place.

As soon as Yung Quadroon stepped on stage, he demanded his audience’s attention with animated sequences and high stamina; along with the help of his hype men and DJ Chocolate Thunder.

Immediately following his performance, Yung Quadroon was introduced to Island/ Def Jam Midwest Promotions Representative, Jim Kelly, whom stated, “… I am at a loss for words; it’s obvious you’ve done this before.”

Enjoy the latest episode of CIRCADIAN: “HOUSE OF BLUES- CLEVELAND”